Design and made in Europe and sold well in many markets

High efficient heating system, Dustie is highly involved in the energy saving efforts to reduce the power consumption of the air heater products.

The whole room is heated evenly, better heating performance and results

Dustie Air Heater,Adopting the heating principle of air convection circulation, the bottom of the machine naturally sucks in the cold air flow, and the air flow passes through the wing-shaped heating element inside the machine to turn it into a hot air flow, and then slowly spit out from the top of the machine and circulate the indoor air,The temperature difference between the floor and the ceiling can be very small, and the final heating effect is close to floor heating.

Comfortable whole house heating, not dry, no noise

Dustie Air Heater,with natural air convection circulation, no internal fan, no noise during operation, no obvious dry feeling,Feel the comfort heating similar like floor heating.

With EU safety standards, suitable for families with kids and babies,fit for living room and bathroom

Dustie Air Heater,Comply with EU safety standards, no harmful substances to the human body, porcelain polyester coated alloy plate, the surface temperature is not high during operation, which can prevent accidental burns.IP24 waterproof rating, can be used in the bathroom, multi-angle water splashing test passed.

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