We create a healthy, comfortable and peaceful lifestyle for you

Dustie was founded in 1998 in Sweden.Brand founder Peter Windrup has always insisted on doing one thing since its inception, creating a healthy, comfortable and peaceful home living environment for users. After many years of operation,Dustie has quickly won the high-quality reputation and unanimous praise in the market with its highly advantageous air purifiers, dehumidifiers, Air Sanitizer, air heaters and other products, and established a high reputation in the international markets.

Nordic-style environmental health concept
Dustie is a professional brand in the field of air treatment.In Sweden, clean air is regarded as the most basic right to people. Sweden is also one of the cleanest countries in the world.
Recommended by
the Swedish Asthma Allergy Association
The Swedish Asthma Allergy Foundation was established in 1956. It is currently an organization focusing on prevention and public recommendation in the field of asthma and allergies in Sweden. It recommends quiet , durable health products with the ultimate, strict standards for asthma patients and allergic children in Sweden and the world.
Smart and healthy cooking with Dustie Smart Cooking Station

Based on the daily consumer needs, Dustie has now extended from air purification solution only to the total solution for the comfortable environment of the entire house, and also covered the field of smart kitchen appliances related to healthy eating, providing every user the best experience to a quality and comfortable daily life at home. Dustie Smart Cooking Station, originated from Europe, is an expert in smart cooking industry. Designed and manufactured in Europe, It is one of the most sophiscated and advanced smart cooking appliances in the market.