Recommended by the Swedish Asthma Allergy Association

The Swedish Asthma Allergy Foundation was established in 1956. It is currently an organization focusing on prevention and public recommendation in the field of asthma and allergies in Sweden. It recommends quiet , durable health products with the ultimate, strict standards for asthma patients and allergic children in Sweden and the world.

Convection circulation filtration,bigger than bigger

Large clean air output of 728m³/h, which can produce 12,000 liters of clean air per minute. Can support 500 people breathing at the same time, the maximum applicable area can reach 87m². 10m air supply radius, quickly clean indoor space without dead ends. >99% Removal of PM2.5 particles in 20 minutes. Double the filter area, providing double dust holding capacity, double the filter life. High-efficiency and energy saving .(Data source: Dustie DAC700)

Rapid adsorbing formaldehyde,Eliminate viruses and bacteria, protecting family health

Optional powerful formaldehyde filter can quickly solve indoor formaldehyde troubles. With more than 99% sterilization performance, protecting family from various virus and bacterials . (Data source: Dustie DAC700)

Clean air, extraordinary performance

Dustie air cleaner, equipped with a patented convention circulation filtration system.728m³/h clean air output can reach 100% filtration rate of PM2.5, and >99% filtration rate of PM0.3 .Clean air from Dustie, Sweden. (Data source: Dustie DAC700)

Dust particle CADR 728m³/h
Formaldehyde CADR>400m³/h
Sterilization rate>99%
Patented mirror symmetry technology,offset the noise and create a quiet purification experience

Powerful sleep mode,With 223m³/h high particulate matter clean air output,It is equivalent to the daily performance of a conventional air cleaner,Escorting sleep breathing.(Data source: Dustie DAC700)

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